Teleradiology Services

Dar Elashaa provides consultation services to our prospective client facilities by assisting in the design and implementation of an appropriately scaled radiology solution. Our four step process allows us to evaluate each prospective client’s needs and develop a cost effective plan of action.
Step1: Onsite Evaluation
During our initial visit, we gather vital information that will ensure success throughout the implementation process.
Equipment Evaluation (Age, DICOM Compatible, DICOM Ready) Network / IT System (RIS, PACS, VPN, Connectivity) Departmental Needs (Administrative, Personnel)
Workflow Analysis (Technologists, Scheduling, Staffing)

Step2: Equipment Selection and Configuration
Technology recommendations will be made that ensure competitive pricing and secure connectivity.
DICOM “Ready” Connectivity (for all imaging modalities) Secure Interface (Mini PACS, Server, VPN) Support Needs (IT Coverage, Order Routing, Training)
Protocol Guidelines Issued for MR and CT modalities

Step3: Client / RSI Testing
System evaluations are conducted to ensure image transmission and communication protocol.
Order Transmission – Radiologist Interpretation – Transcription
Referring Physician Connectivity (HIPAA Compliant)
Image Quality, Report Turnaround, Technical Support
Downtime Procedure Development Assistance

Step4: Ongoing Evaluation
Monthly Quality Control Reporting ensures efficient communication, physician accessibility and client satisfaction.
Report Turnaround
Client Communication Model (to ensure timely interactions)
Diagnostic Testing (to ensure seamless image transmission)